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CMV Action Awareness Ribbon
CMV Action: International Awareness Month Activities  June 2016 will be our third CMV Awareness Month and will see the culmination of a number of...
Help us raise awareness, help us change lives - get fundraising & help us make a difference. Thank you for taking the first step to help raise funds for...
Our organisation is supported by our wonderful fundraisers. They tirelessly raise money and awareness.
There are a number of ways you can donate to CMV Action: Donate Now Instant one-off donation - Click here to donate through our website or via the...
How you can help!
Thank you for taking the first step to help raise funds for CMV Action. It costs the charity £12,000 a year to support families affected by CMV and we...
Silver Awareness Pins Buy one or buy 10 and give out to your friends and family. For every five you buy, you get an extra one free...
The Stealth Virus
Watch our video's, talkies and awareness clips to find out more about CMV. Why not record your own #Talkie and help raise awareness of CMV? Take our quiz...

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Matilda – Mighty in Battle. The meaning of the name Matilda is "mighty in battle". So, when our second daughter was born on September 23rd, 2012, it wasn't any coincidence that we... Read more
This is my story of the effects of CMV and little boy Elliot.  I was 16 and pregnant, everything seemed to be going well, apart from being young and scared... 29 + weeks I... Read more

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