Help us raise awareness, help us change lives - get fundraising & help us make a difference.

Thank you for taking the first step to help raise funds for CMV Action.

CMV Action is a relatively small charity that has big plans and high hopes that, with your help, can become reality.

CMV Action is a UK organisation of families and volunteers, who have come together to raise public awareness of congenital CMV and campaign for better prevention measures within our health service. One day we hope everyone will have heard of CMV and, more importantly, have heard how to reduce the risk of this potentially devastating virus.  That’s a serious campaign, that requires serious money, and that’s why we need your support.

There are plenty of ways to get involved - check out our and sporting events for advice and inspiration. With your help, we can continue to support the families who have been affected by congenital CMV but we can also work towards a day when no one else will be suffering or struggling to survive a congenital CMV infection.

Money raised so far has helped us to support affected families, achieve registered charity status, start work on awareness raising and support research.

We are very thankful for our wonderful fundraisers - you can read more about these amazing people on our fundraiser pages 

We need to raise a minimum of £5,000 a year and, with your help, we feel sure we can do that. We hope our website will give you some ideas about the sort of things you can organise to raise funds.

However, we welcome other ideas too and would just ask you to contact CMV Action at to ensure it fits within our dos and don’ts!

In the meantime, thanks again for getting involved, good luck with your fundraising efforts and we look forward to hearing how you got on!


Our Stories

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