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Women want to be told about CMV. Get resources to answer questions, raise awareness and save lives.

Do you know your IgG from IgM?  Your petichae from your sequalae? Given the catastrophic consequences to the neonate of contracting congenital CMV, it is imperative that both health care professionals and families are armed with facts about the virus.

Education resources for professionals

Get the evidence that could help to save babies lives in less than an hour:


  • Take our e-learning module . Designed for midwives and suitable for other professionals involved in antenatal care it sets out the facts about CMV and four key areas where midwives can play a role in the forefront of reducing the impact of this virus.
  • Get the 10 minute briefing on 
  • Find the UK Professional Bodies that have issued  

Information resources for families

Our survey work and user testing shows that women want to be told about CMV.  These resources will help you give information about risk reduction in less than 2 minutes. 


false Women think that this pregnancy and prevention leaflet gives them the information they need. In extensive testing, women fed back that it gives clear advice on the action they can take to reduce their risk of CMV infection.  Professionals feel that it strikes a good balance of giving information about a serious issue without being overly alarmist.
“It is clear and offers sensible information and advice” – GP
“Very valuable information, especially for pregnant women” -  Nurse

For professionals working with babies affected by CMV, receiving a CMV diagnosis can be a bewildering and stressful time for the families that you support.  We provide evidence-based, balanced information that you can feel confident giving them

falseOur comprehensive booklet covers all the topics families ask us about and is checked by CMV experts.
Our publication explains the tests and procedures that families may experience following diagnosis.
"Thank you for sending me the latest information on cmv.  I received your pack in the post and found it very useful.   Now my knowledge is larger thanks to you and your organisation.  I find it easier to talk to the doctors about how CMV has damaged my baby, both with those who are experts and those who do not know much about cmv.  I will keep making my female friends aware of cmv, little do they know about it and most of them have never even heard of it.
Every day is a struggle for us but each smile of our daughter gives power for the next day." Parent

We provide printed copies of our publications free of charge to health professionals.  For the full list of publications, please vist our 

You can order them from 

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