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We provide printed copies of our resources free of charge to families and professionals.  Please contact  to order copies.

This report, co-authored by some of the UK’s leading health care professionals in this area, highlights clear calls to action on how to reduce the number of babies affected by CMV infection each year in the UK. We estimate that almost 1000 babies born in the UK every year have symptoms at birth or go on to develop permanent disabilities.  It summarises the evidence base on prevention, transmission, diagnosis and treatment and makes recommendations for health professionals and professional bodies.  It is aimed at professionals and policy makers with an interest in antenatal and neonatal care.






This short leaflet is aimed at pregnant women or people thinking of starting a family.  It covers basic facts about the virus and the simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of catching it.  It is double sided A4 to make it easy to print from a home or office printer.

You can also order an A4 or A3 poster version from  




Our infographic tells the CMV story in pictures. It's designed as a simple and effective graphical representation of what is CMV and the simple preventive measures pregnant women can take to protect themselves during pregnancy.  Please share this, tweet about it and pin it!  If you would like to use any sections of it in media or publications please contact us - we can provide in many more formats.

You can order printed copies in A5 or A4 page size.





This comprehensive resource is aimed at parents and families, though many professionals also find it useful.  It covers basic facts, transmission, prevention, testing, treatment and ongoing management of congenital CMV. It has plain English answers to the questions everybody asks, checked by a medical expert.






This short booklet is aimed at families caring for a child with CMV and may be particularly useful at first diagnosis.  It sets out the key points from the first evidence-based UK guidelines for the detection and treatment of congenital CMV.  It aims to help families know what to expect and what to ask for when a child is first diagnosed and for follow-up over the longer term.





Busy professionals have asked for clear, practical advice about how to identify CMV infection and what action to take.  This two page guide has been developed with obstetricians, midwives and paediatricians to focus on the essential facts. 

It covers:

  • Prevention advice
  • Potential symptoms in a mother
  • Signs of CMV infection in a fetus
  • Action to take in pregnancy if infection is suspected
  • Signs of CMV infection in a newborn
  • Action to take at birth to enable swift diagnosis and treatment

You can order it as a double sided A4 handout or an A3 poster version.


Our Stories

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On 27th December 2013 at 6.31am, our beautiful baby Anna Rose was born. 7lb 2.5oz of pure scrumminess, we were elated to have a little girl to add to our family. On the surface, she seemed... Read more

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